Excerpt from 80 New York State General Business Law.


 Any person who is a licensee hereunder or an officer or authorized employee of any other person, firm, limited liability company or corporation, whether or not licensed hereunder, while performing the services of a watchman, guard or private patrolman, may wear on his outer clothing a rectangular metal or woven insignia approved by the department of state, which insignia shall not be larger than three inches high nor four inches wide with an inscription thereon containing the word "watchman", "guard", "patrol" or "special service" and the name of such licensee or employer. It shall be unlawful for any employer, whether or not licensed hereunder, to wear or distribute to his, their or its employees any employment identification except as authorized in this article and approved by the secretary of state. Any person violating any provision of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.